Training programs

We specialize in tailored business training programs for enterprises.

How do we begin our partnership:

Before we begin preparing the training program, our objective is to learn about the client’s business, products and services. Training activities are based on actual situations that may occur within the client’s organization. This means the training is effective, measureable and bears a quality improvement in relation to competence, know-how and attitude.

What do we emphasize during the training:

Effective and practical use of tools and methods,
Psychological comfort of participants,
Use of actual problem cases,
Workshop activities,
Open approach
Our instructors are experienced practitioners specializing in training programs, coaching managers, specialists and merchandisers. They are members of the Polish Association of Business Instructors and are certified in the DISC EVERYTHING methodology.
Our training courses mostly involve the following areas:
  • Team management “A humane boss”
  • Self-presentation,
  • public speaking,
  • effective communication and collaboration with external and internal partners (different departments and supervisor-subordinate relations),
  • Selling without manipulation
  • Negotiation training
  • Habit forming
  • Secrets of motivation

We specialize in training for the following target audiences:

  • Managers and team leaders (team building, leadership, management competencies)
  • Merchandisers (sales training from sales methods to psychology of sale and persuasion)
  • Mid-level employees (all kinds of soft skills, e.g. communication, assertiveness, efficient work organization, etc.)
  • Marketing staff (customer habit forming in the context of using company services)

Verification of training results:

Training course effectiveness is verified according to D. Kirkpatrick’s model, i.e. on 4 levels:

  1. The level of evaluating participant reaction to the training and its performance.
  2. The level of evaluating competence increase in the areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  3. The level of evaluating the degree of new competencies being applied by training participants in their job position.
  4. The level of evaluating the degree of improvement of business parameters/indicators.

The framework of our partnership:

  1. Preliminary discussion regarding the training needs in the organization.
  2. Detailed examination of needs (quality and quantity-oriented approach)
  3. Determining business efficiency indicators for the training program.
  4. Designing the training process.
  5. Implementation.
  6. Summary and follow-up.

Please contact us to further discuss the training needs of your organization.

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