100% co-financed trainings:

  • Strategic management in company
  • Communication techniques - interpersonal relationship management in company
  • Management and organization of working time in company
  • Complex quality management in company
  • Financial management in company and gaining capital for company development
  • Implementing of green practices in environmental management in company, along with financial sources
  • Human resources management strategies and human resources planning
  • The process for recruitment, selection and adaptability of employees
  • Rewarding and motivating employees through employee assessment system
  • Age management and employee development and career path planning

Partly co-financed (50-75 % ) trainings:

  • Suggestive selling, up-selling, cross-selling and back-end by concept of Harvard Business School (i.e. how to rapidly increase customer involvement and the amount of the issued bill)
  • Negotiating workshops using the concept of Harvard Business School
  • Art of influence - interpersonal training