HR Consultancy Team:

  • Includes Experts, educated in psychology, sociology, human resources management, human resources consultancy and labour law.
  • It regularly participates in training - we are committed to continuous employees’ development, extending skills and knowledge of our experts and auditors in the current trends and business solutions. Wider perspective allows for better consultancy.
  • It has broad experience, due to tens consultancy projects implemented for businesses of different profiles of activities in various industries.
  • It supports comprehensive auditors’ base of more than 5 thousand people from all over Poland, ready to perform tests according to specific situation.
  • Its feature is flexible approach to work - we do not use rigid schemes. Each business is unique and requires unique solutions. Prior to tests starting, we meet business specific and design tools to meet individual needs.
  • It performs own tests - we perform tests for own needs to continuously monitor operations used in the various industries.