HR - remuneration audit is currently being implemented in the four areas of activity associated with HR:

  • Standards for creating procedures and organization of company- audit is based on getting familiar with the company's nature its scope of activity and with  identifying the existing problems. The areas which may be subject to verification during the audit are:
    • Verification of the standards generally accepted to establish procedures and instructions,
    • Analysis of existing documents flow,
    • Adaptation of documents flow to company's needs,
    • Getting to know regulations inside the company and checking for compliance.


  • Verification of the responsibilities range, description of work places in the context of the tasks and specific industry - audit continues the standards for the procedures development and organization within company, but it can also be run independently. PGB task is:
  • Verification of the responsibilities at the work places,
  • Verification of naming work places in task context and specific industry,
  • Creating work places descriptions related to organizational structure of company from the beginning,
  • Creating work obligations to identify key and additional tasks.


  • Payroll records - due to complicated provisions of the national law, business owners often face a problem with the verification of remuneration correctness. The result can be unpredictable financial penalties and the lack of direct control over how they are accounted for remuneration for employees.

Meeting the customers’ needs, we are able to:

  • verify accuracy of assessment related to civil and legal contracts,
  • analyse "hidden costs",
  • check correctness of calculation and granting annual, maternity and child care leaves,
  • check correctness of calculation of salaries and benefits of health insurance and documentation used to pay the aforementioned benefits,
  • verify accuracy of calculation of remuneration under the contract of employment, including determining correct social and health insurance contributions and income tax. 


  • Human resources documentation - directed to administrative and office employees of the lower and middle level, employees of HR department and related. It can be used independently or in combination with remuneration. It allows organising extensive employees’ documentation from the personal files to work time records related to schedules and time sheets, based on the provisions of the labour law.

Our customer is provided with:

    • help to check employee documentation,
    • support for creating timesheet,
    • verification of documents to civil legal contracts and analysis of their application,
    • validation of determining holiday leaves and planning of holidays per year,
    • support for adaptation of employee information to contracts concluded under the contract of employment.


The carefully developed customer-oriented strategy,  supported by the knowledge of labour and social security regulations, enables PGB to spot any irregularities of employee documentation and allows implementation of the most efficient procedures under the relevant legislation.