Employee potential consists of several competences. Lower level of some of them does not indicate that the person has no potential. However, it suggests that they require work from employee and superiors. Increasing the level of competence of employee is possible by willingness and openness to change. While testing the employee potential, we also analyse his/her readiness to change and motivation to develop.

Our methodology for the potential test is based on the potential development of a number of situations that occur in a professional environment and observing how these different business cases influence employees. These situations have been prepared in cooperation with
a number of executives of small, medium and large companies as well as trainers and coaches with years of experience.

In addition, it is possible to perform test Development Centre, which in practical simulations of everyday situations at work (such as business meetings with the Customer) can diagnose areas for employees’ development.

Through in-depth individual interviews with each of the employees we are also able to obtain information about the objective and subjective training needs of the individual and whole post group.