"70% of our purchase decisions are taken by us on the basis of being treated as people, and only 30% is based on product characteristics."

<John McKean>

The quality customer service test is an increasingly used method to increase sales efficiency. Such
a test uses the Mysterious Customer method. During the visit, auditors trained by us, assess the appointed business for previously established criteria. After the visit, they draw up summarizing protocol, which is presented as a result of the audit. It is possible to prepare summary statements, which allow making comparisons between the various points in general or specific issues.

Awareness of the fact that from time to time each showroom is visited by Mysterious Shopper, increased commitment and motivation of employees, thereby increasing satisfaction of the significant number of customers and, consequently, increase in sales. Audits are a form of analysis of training needs, allowing for developing training programs for real difficulties in Customer Consultants work.

The tested elements are matched to the company and determined individually with Customer to assure the most important feedback.

PGB Human Resources Consultancy does not have to end in performing audits of customer service. Further steps aimed at achieving high standards for use may be:

  • Sales strategy development - Customer Service Standard
  • Sales strategy implementation - trainings for employees
  • Benchmarking - comparative analysis of the competitive environment