With the development of professional social networks, a promotion of your own personal brand is no longer a domain reserved for politicians and celebrities. The research carried out by the experts of the Harvard University shows that  approximately 90% of managers working in the Fortune 500 companies prepare for a business meeting by verifying on the Internet the information about the interviewer, while approximately 95% of employees check their superiors' social network profiles.

Career management is becoming more and more associated with managing your  own image. It turns out that professional success and various proposals related to new challenges depend on how successfully a person presents their achievements and knowledge on social network websites.

Personal branding actions include:

  • Creating social strategy (strengths, expertise knowledge, receivers, and aims).
  • Creating profiles on professional social network sites:LinkedIn, GoldenLine, Twitter.
  • Administration of the profile by weekly phone arrangements with the orderer.

Benefits of personal branding:

  • Creating professional image on the internet.
  • Vision for the future career development.
  • Appointing the target groups, which will have access to individual information.
  • Management of information about achievements and knowledge of the person concerned.