There comes the time in our personal or professional lives when we need a support of someone else. The main reason why we sometimes feel helpless, cannot find new challenges or simply hesitate to reach for a helping hand is that we feel restricted. The limits, however, are in us and we create them ourselves.

Coaching is designed to be able to meet the expectations of people. It is more flexible than the standard training plan, so even the busiest leaders will be able to incorporate it in their schedule.

Coaching is a partnership during which the coach supports the customer in making the best use of the potential on the way to achieve the intended results. It is in the form of regular sessions, the subjects of which are chosen by the customer, and the coach,  by listening and asking questions,  leads the customer in deeper understanding of their situation and helps  to precisely determine the goals and means for their implementation.

Benefits of career coaching:

  • outlining your own professional goals
  • creating the image of yourself in the long- and short term,
  • analysing your own  strengths and weaknesses,
  • working on your career plan
  • learning effective action techniques.