PGB Human Resources was founded on the basis of Poznan business informal association of academic employees and students of the Poznan University of Economics, who exchanged their views on new business ideas as well as Polish economy and its impact on related events.

At the beginning of 2002, business plans were developed followed by consulting and verifcation at Poznan University of Economics. Most of them were research papers. The process of writing them as well as confrontation with  market, legal and social conditions had a huge impact on the final business plan ideas.

At the end of 2002, the idea of creating a company, which would provide legal framework for the implementation of business plans, appeared. It was necessary to create a variety of groups within the company that would specialize in specific industries. Only in this way was it possible to use specific skills of the founders, to focus on selected, narrow business areas and the risk diversification.

In the second quarter of 2003 a partnership company was registered under the name - Poznan Business Group.

In 2004 PGB Human Resources was established. The company specialised in providing various solutions in recruitment and selection in particular.

In the years 2008 - 2010, company's branches were established in five cities of Poland (i.e. Warsaw, Gliwice, Wroclaw, Krakow and Gdansk), which made it possible to provide services for entities throughout the whole country.

Since 2010, when PGB Human Resources Sp. z o.o.was registered at the National Court Register, it has been offering a wide array of HR solutions for businesses. At the beginning of 2011, PGB Human Resources started to implement recruitment projects in Germany and Great Britain.

Since 2013 PGB Human Resources has new German shareholders - P.S.P.P. KÖNIGSTEINER PERSONALBERATER AG and KÖNIGSTEINER AGENTUR.